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International Appeal for Support of the Film Project
Water makes money
Your assistance is needed, so that a film criticising the advancing privatisation of Water, the basis of our existence, can be made!

Jens Loewe
WATER ABLAZE - The Contamination And Commercial Exploitation
Of A Rare And Vital Resource
, 2010
you can order the printable version of this book at:
Jens Loewe, Ostendstrasse 106, 70188 Stuttgart / Germany,
fax: 0049 - 711 - 48 74 69, mail: info@nwwp.de

Water - a Public Obligation

“The communities must be ensured the right to settle all matters concerning the local community in the scope of the local authority code by their own accountability”
(Art.28 II Basic Law)

Provision for elementary requirements, that is to say services of common interests, as a core component of our democracy has constitutional status.
It ensures by fiscal funds access for all citizens to those common goods which we refer to as a basis for a dignified life: water, education, health facilities, child care, public parcs, libraries and public transport.
The principle of subsidiarity designates common requirements being satisfied by the lowest possible level of executive organs.
Those are achievements which we intend to protect as a general public interest against unearthing dictatorship of shareholder-value lacking any control.
As of our point of view a public water supply symbolizes local selfdetermination in terms of provision of elementary requirements in a very specific way.
The way of recognizing and handling the difference between drinking water being a human right or a human need shows the state of realization of a global conscience, from spring to mouth, from groundwater to rain.
The question of water ranges from “global goods” (e.g. human right to food safety incl. water) to local selfdetermination.
Above all “WasserInBuergerhand!” means accountability for public weal - no matter if of a community operated enterprise or cooperative society or citizens foundation.
W!B is a federal network of local initiatives protecting and enhancing the political ideas of public weal against commercializing and expropriation of public goods.

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